Philly and the Single Lesbian

My mother's birthday. By Crystal Fox


In two days it will be your birthday again. You will be 52 years old. We don’t talk anymore, but you are in my thoughts more often than not – especially now. On days like this, where I’m feeling particularly reflective, I think about you and how much you have given me and how much we have shared. You are a true role model and someone I think of with much affinity. Below is the next to best thing I can give you for your birthday without actual contact. Below is a list of fond memories, traits I adore, and reasons why – even after the last four-plus years of familial madness – you are still my favorite person in the world.

1. Two time survivor of skin cancer
2. One time survivor of breast cancer
3. Domestic violence survivor
4. Leaving home at 18 to join the Air Force – trailblazing
5. Sharing the same laugh
6. Getting my warped humor from you
7. Owner and proprietor of your own Microsoft education business
8. Getting your degree in your 30s when most would just forget it
9. Being an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University for a year
10. You and me dancing like the Peanuts characters during all the dance scenes in Charlie Brown Christmas
11. Us running to the car in the parking garage, trying to beat the additional $4 charge, and both of us slipping and falling in front of a family of six
12. Susan Lucci impersonations
13. My ability to do all impersonations, really
14. Teaching me the C word and then telling me to never use it even though it’s now my favorite word
15. My love of the arts
16. My love of history
17. My obsession with Marilyn Monroe, J.F.K. and the Royal Family
18. Your chicken and rice and how you would make it for me on every birthday
19. Our Friday movie nights with homemade pizza from the bread machine
20. You ability to just see through my walls and ask, “Now what’s really wrong?” and have me crumble like a baby in your arms

…and many, many more.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday.

Crystal Fox is a chef in Center City who is dating again. Will she find love? Stay tuned.