Philly-Based Xipwire Helps WikiLeaks

Plus are the Nationals trying to seduce Cliff Lee?, changes at the Four Seasons, Rocky Balboa's Hall of Fame nod, where we rank among most obscene places in the U.S., and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Philly-Based Xipwire Takes Donations for WikiLeaks. When MasterCard and Visa refused to process donations to WikiLeaks, Xipwire — which provides a pay-by-mobile-phone service we recently wrote about here — stepped up to accept donations and will waive its own fees for the service. [Raw Story]

Will the Nationals Use Jayson Werth to Seduce Cliff Lee? Oh, this would be more than the Scoop could bear. [CSN]

Change In Four Seasons Kitchen. Michael Klein reports that Fountain chef David Jansen resigned to spend more time with his family. [Insider]

$2 Million Windfall for Montgomery County. To make up for some law-breaking, Bank of America will pay that amount to the county, plus $4 million to Philadelphia, the airport and SEPTA. Wonder how much of that money comes from the taxpayer bailouts the bank took? [Inquirer]

Is Philly Obscene? In what might be the Scoop’s favorite Top 10 list of 2010, Philadelphia was ranked #7 among the “Top 10 Most Obscene Cities in America.” Apparently, we’ve dropped from last year’s position of #3. What the fuck? [Business Insider]

Catholic School Comeback. Cardinal Justin Rigali, who is the big Catholic boss around these parts and, by the way, has a Facebook page!, appointed a commission to combat waning enrollment in local Catholic schools and the fallout from recent closures. If the commission fails, they will be rapped on their knuckles with rulers. [Daily News]

Rocky Balboa Will Be In Boxing Hall of Fame. Well, okay, not Rocky because he’s not real. But Sly Stallone got the nod for induction in 2011, along with Mike Tyson. The Scoop wants to be at that after-party. [WSJ]

Corruption Investigation Started With Cell Phone Evidence. Voter fraud…walking-around money…Philadelphia…blah, blah…Then somebody snapped a photo with their cell phone. [Inquirer] Aaaand, then somebody else threatened to punch a Philadelphia Weekly reporter! []

Elfreth’s Alley Teardown. The owners walked away from their mortgage on a house on this historic little street/Old City tourist attraction, and now the place is falling apart and might need to be demolished. [Newsworks]