Transgender Prostitute Arrested in Strangling of Suburban Man

The Omni Hotel murder. Plus: the South Street bridge gets set to re-open, an old dude votes from his gurney, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Transgender Prostitute Charged In Slaying of Suburban Man. Cops say 49-year-old Patrick Michael Brady, a Chester County husband and father who was found strangled at the Omni Hotel in Old City over the weekend, was killed by a 22-year-old transgender prostitute. Peaches, as the prostitute is known, has a long rap sheet. [Inquirer, Daily News]

South Street Bridge Will Re-open Tomorrow. Inky architecture critic Inga Saffron weighs in on the design (Loves all the room for pedestrian and cyclists. Other features? Not so much.) [Inquirer]

Havertown Man Votes…While on His Gurney. An 83-year-old Havertown resident–who hasn’t missed voting in an election since he was 21–asked the ambulance driver taking him home from the hospital to stop at his polling station on Tuesday. At which point he was wheeled into the voting booth and cast his ballot. The Scoop hereby nominates him as Citizen of the Century. [Inquirer]

Is “Stop and Frisk” Racist? So says a new lawsuit against the city, which says the policing method violates civil rights. [Daily News]

Action News’ Erin O’Hearn Is Expecting. A baby, we mean. []

Citizens Bank to Jack Up Its Fees. Including raising the fee for using another bank’s ATM to $3. Please don’t get the Scoop started on this. Really. Just please don’t. [Business Journal]

Say Goodbye to the White Pages. The Pa. PUC voted to make the White Pages available only by request starting in January. It’s a green thing. []

Could Rendell Help Obama? A New Republic blogger says it would be a smart move politically for the Prez to offer the Guv a job. []