Pulse: Pursuits: Talking With Soledad O’Brien

The CNN star and author of The Next Big Story: My Journey Through the Land of Possibilities tells her stories at the First Person Fest on November 8th.

In the recent flood of memoirs, is there one you’ve latched onto?
Mennonite In a Little Black Dress is amazing. You don’t have to see similarity in someone’s experience to get a lot out of her memoir.

Is there anything you were reluctant to write about?
My husband. I love him dearly. It feels weird to write it down.

You and your five siblings all graduated from Harvard. What’s your parents’ secret?
Their whole strategy was, “You will be successful no matter what. We will not allow you to be derailed by anything.”

That must be some Thanksgiving-table conversation.
There are 20 grandchildren. It’s regular, big, extended-family chaos. We don’t sit around and talk about principles of literature. We just pass the mashed potatoes.