Pulse: Chatter: Five Questions for John O’Hurley

The former Seinfelder returns to the area this month to host his ninth National Dog Show — a Kennel Club of Philadelphia tradition viewed by a huge TV audience every Thanksgiving

So how many times have you been peed on in Philadelphia?
One year, we had a Great Dane squat in front of us and leave a little pile.
Actually, not a little pile.

Aren’t some dogs just plain ugly?
Some dogs are, shall we say, bred more for function than form.

I assume you hear “Hey, it’s J. Peterman” more often than “Hey, it’s that dog-show host”?
Between Dancing with the Stars, Family Feud, Seinfeld, and the 15 different cartoons I do — like SpongeBob — it’s an eclectic list of things I’m recognized for.

What don’t we see at home?
Backstage, where there are 2,000 dogs and owners and breeders all in the same room, excited and constantly primping.

Are the dogs nervous?
Make no mistake: The dogs don’t care. They’re just busy being dogs.