South Philly Acid Vandals Caught On Camera

Plus Comcast is doing just peachy, Allen Iverson is headed to Turkey for four million, Tony Luke is in Bahrain for who knows how much, and more of what Philly's chatting about today

Profits at Comcast Are Up. But, curiously, the company continues to lose cable subscribers. Hmm…wonder when current customers will start to put two and two together? []

Tony Luke Opens Cheesesteak Shop in Bahrain. Two years ago, the international-empire-building Luke started hawking frozen cheesesteaks. Now, the Middle East. Wonder what Joey Vento thinks of “wiz wit” being uttered in Arabic? [City Paper]

Sestak vs Onorato: Can Only One Win? According to one voting-trend theory, Pennsylvanians will elect either Sestak or Onorato, but probably not both. But if a train leaves Chicago at 10 a.m. traveling at 60 mph … Oh, never mind. [Daily News]

Feather Houstoun Leaving William Penn Foundation. She says she will make way for the “next chapter” of the civic-minded philanthropic organization that was built with Otto Haas’s cash and has a $1.9 billion endowment. []

Foxwoods Casino Could Open in 2012. With help from Harrah’s the South Philly gambling spot could be a go after all. Of course, that depends on a hearing in front of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board this morning where a decision might be made about Foxwoods’ license. Isn’t gambling exciting? [PlanPhilly]

Allen Iverson Close to Deal in Turkey. And plenty of NBAers say they’re “sad” to see him finish his career outside the U.S. Oh, come on. “Team Besiktas” sounds like a blast. Four million for two years? Plus, hookahs. Don’t forget the hookahs. []

Acid Sprayers in South Philly Caught on Camera. The “people” (or, as the Scoop’s dad would call them, “dirtbags”) who squirted some mystery chemical vandalizing 56 cars yesterday can be seen on footage from one homeowner’s camera. [NBC10]