Hump Day Headlines

As the gay world turns

Purple is the new black: LGBT supporters show their true colors.

Hillary Clinton tackles gay bullying in a new video. So do Broadway stars.

U.S. military recruiters are now accepting gay applicants.

Gay issues heat up state elections around the country.

One out councilman’s story goes viral.

Lesbian gets booted from mall – and ends up on Joy Behar.

The co-owner of the Chicago Cubs is a lesbian mom.

Gays aren’t the only ones being blacklisted by the Boy Scouts of America. So are Mormon parents.

Famous Stonewall rioter dies at age 68.

A college student is punched for wearing a pro-gay T-shirt: Fellow co-eds come to her defense.

ABC Family is developing a movie about Constance McMillen, the lesbian who wasn’t invited to prom.

Liza Minnelli calls out sick.