Ira Einhorn Slept with 1,800 Women

So claims the hippie-guru-murderer dude. Plus: Sestak pulls even with Toomey, Vick says he might start on Sunday, and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

Internal Polls Show Sestak Pulling Even With Toomey. Two new Democratic polls show the Senate candidates in a statistical dead heat. Toomey has been pounded in recent weeks with tons of negative ads. []

Ira Einhorn Isn’t Wilt Chamberlain, But He’s Close. In an exclusive prison interview with the DN’s Ronnie Polaneczky, the ex-hippie and convicted murder opens up about a lot of things, including the fact that he slept with “1,500 to 1,800” women when he was younger. Not so many now, though. [Daily News]

Rendell: Could Be A Natural Gas Tax Deal By Election Day. Ed is suddenly sounding optimistic after days of sounding pessmistic. But will Republicans really sign off on a new tax before election day? [Inquirer]

Fund Will Pay for 10 City Parades. The Bob Brady led Traditions Fund–bankrolled by Joey Vento and Gerry Lenfest–will kick in $300,000 toward the cost of 10 city events, including the Mummers Parade and the Gay Pride Parade. []

Vick: “Don’t Count Me Out.” The injured QB says he making progress with his rib injury and could still possibly play against Atlanta on Sunday. (Somewhere, Kevin Kolb just felt a sharp pain.) [CSN Philly]

Rittenhouse Square Rocks! It’s been named one of the 10 best public places in America by some group that ranks such things. Nice. [NBC Philadelphia]

Federal Agency Says: The Post Office Stinks. Not even the government trusts postal carriers. [Morning Call]