Kitchens You’ll Covet: Urban Rustic

Every local foodie knows Judy Wicks — founder of White Dog Cafe, where the sustainable-minded restaurateur pioneered the city’s locavore dining scene. What they don’t know: During her 38 years in the restaurant biz, Wicks rarely cooked. But after selling White Dog in 2009 and deciding to renovate the Fitler Square home she moved to in June, Wicks was ready to change. “Now that I’m retired, I’ve taken an interest in cooking,” she says. “I want good food, and I don’t want to go out to eat every night.” With the help of Greensaw Design & Build and Friday Architects/Planners, she got a kitchen that’s perfect for making home-cooked meals … and eco-friendly to boot.

 Location: Fitler Square.
Design/Build: Greensaw Design & Build, 820 North 4th Street, 215-389-0786.
Architect: Friday Architects/Planners, 26 South 20th Street, 215-564-0814.