Segway Company Owner Dies…In Horrible Segway Accident

Plus: Rendell for VP (?), Comcast eyes the NFL (?), and more questions Philadelphia is asking this morning

Segway Company Owner Dies…When Segway Plunges Off a Cliff. The British businessman who recently bought the company that makes Segways was found dead after his own Segway apparently plunged over a 30-foot cliff 140 miles north of London. Horrible, although the Scoop is pretty sure this is proof God has a sense of humor. [LA Times]

Is Rendell Running for Vice President? That’s what Fatimah Ali believes in the Daily News. Unravel her logic here. [Daily News]

Adler-Runyan Race Is Close. Former Eagle Jon Runyan trails Democrat John Adler by a few percentage points in the Jersey race for Congress. A Tea Party dude is pulling in 7 percent of the vote…and not helping Runyan. [Inquirer]

Corbett Up by 12, Toomey Up by 8. That’s the latest in Pa. [Politics PA]

Fans F******* Pissed About Language at Union Games. Union fans love the team and the new stadium, but are annoyed with the off-color chants, songs and language of Sons of Ben, the Union’s loud group of super boosters. “Moral Armageddon,” says one observer. [Inquirer]

FBI Investigating Theft of Materials at PHA. The Feds are looking into whether Philadelphia Housing Authority employees stole millions of dollars in hardwood floors, kitchen appliances and other materials and either fenced them or installed them in private homes. The Scoop is shocked–shocked!–that such things could have taken place on Carl Greene’s watch. [Daily News]

Health Insurance Costs Rise 10% for Philly Companies. And they’re expected to jump another 8.9 percent next year. Sigh. [Business Journal]

Comcast-NBC Going After the Olympics. And with Comcast’s deep pockets, maybe the NFL and MLB, too? [Hollywood Reporter]

Phils Pull Off a Fourpeat. They won the NL East for the fourth straight time. And it was the third time they did it agains the miserable Nationals. [Yahoo Sports]