Francesco DeLuca

That’s the goal of a cadre of Philly cyclists who dream of turning the city into a bike-friendly paradise. In their way: one cranky Daily News columnist … and a whole lot of angry (sometimes punch-throwing) Philly drivers

Oh, is that all?

Maybe in time — as we all get used to more cyclists — Philly will become more like Girona? Rogers considers this, rubbing his hand through a head of close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair. “I don’t want to say that that ship has sailed,” he says. He clicks through more pictures of biking paradise. “But in Europe, they grow up with it. Here, everyone is in a hurry. It would be hard.”

Any real change, Weyrich says, is going to have to come from cyclists staying organized and encouraging more people to ride. Even Philadelphia will adjust. “Nobody in Amsterdam,” he remarks, “says, ‘What are all the cyclists doing here?’”