Michael A. Levine

Dining cheaply doesn't have to hurt your waistline.

Coventry Deli oatmeal.  Top a 10-ounce portion of Coventry’s double-boiled creamy wonder with fresh fruit and nuts of your choosing for an extra 25 cents a pop. We like the sugar-free version with fresh strawberries, blackberries and crushed walnuts ($2.75) for a healthy start to the day. 2000 Market Street, 215-972-8310, coventrydeli.com.


Picnic’s soup-and-salad lunch special, 12-ounce soup/$5, 16-ounce soup/$5.75  The organic and beautifully prepared seasonal soups and salads here are so fresh and flavorful (and the sweet-and-tart herb vinaigrette so addicting), $5 seems like a steal. 3131 Walnut Street, 215-222-1608, picniceats.com.
Fuel’s Stacker Wrap, $8.95  Warm, meaty portabella mushrooms are drizzled with fresh pesto and tucked inside a whole-wheat wrap with enough grilled eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomatoes and homemade mozzarella that you’ll want to save half for later. 1917 East Passyunk Avenue, 215-468-3835, fuelphilly.com.

Make-your-own salad at Gia Pronto, $8.05  For just over eight bucks, you can score a healthy dose of protein (we heart the balsamic free-range chicken), lettuce, and four veggies of your choosing. With the hunk of seedy multigrain bread they toss in for free, you’ll be good to go for hours. Multiple locations; giapronto.com.

Griggstown chicken sausage and local veggie frittata at Healthy Bites ToGo, $7.95  Made from local free-range eggs and sausage straight from Princeton, this frittata — with its side of no-grease roasted potatoes — is a tasty way to satisfy a breakfast craving at any hour of the day. 2521 Christian Street, 215-259- 8646, healthybitesdelivery.com.

Vegetable roll with brown rice and miso soup at Moshi Moshi, $7.95  Scarf down this avocado, kanpyo, asparagus and cucumber roll with a side of smoky miso, and you’ll feel full, but not fat. 108 South 18th Street, 215-496-9950.