Jersey Unemployment Rate Drops

Good economic news? Plus: DRPA votes to give its workers a free ride, Halladay scores his 19th win, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Philly GOP Chair Fired, Then Reinstated. Vito Canuso was stripped of his chairmanship after numerous irregularities in a disputed June election. But then was instantly reinstated by the state GOP until after the November election. [Inquirer]

DRPA Lets Workers Keep Taking A Free Ride. The board reinstated the free-pass policy for DRPA workers, and also voted a show of confidence to embattled head John Matheussen. Chris Christie isn’t happy. No, he’s not happy at all. [Inquirer]

Jersey Unemployment Rate Plummets! Okay, maybe that overstates it. It dropped .1 in August to 9.6 percent. (But that’s better than going the other way, right?) [Business Journal]

Halladay Gets 19th Win as Phillies Sweep. The Phils are now three games up on the Braves. The Scoop would say this is all over, but he doesn’t want to jinx anything. []

DeVito Says ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Has Added Years to His Life. Wow. And it’s just a TV show. (He’s 65, in case you’re interested.) [NBC Philadelphia]