Nutter Gets Booed

The crowd gets restless at Welcome America. Plus: Temps to top 100, Arlen gets a library, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Are You Ready for 100+? It’s going to be hot. Really hot. Really really hot. So hot summer school will get out early, and PECO is watching the grid. [Inquirer]

Nutter Gets Booed. He was kicking off 4th of July festivities when the crowed turned on him. Or maybe they were just anxious to hear Morris Day and the Time, whom Nutter was introducing. []

What a Chicago Food Critic Thinks of Philly Food. He likes it, mostly, with special shout-outs for Chifa, Vetri, Koo Zee Doo and John’s Roast Pork. [Chicago Tribune]

Is Ed the “Governor of Philadelphia?” The new budget gives him $300 million to dole out for projects, including $10 million for the “Arlen Specter Library Project Center” at Philadelphia University. [Tribune Review]

Specter and Casey Lobby for the World Cup. The two senators sent a letter to FIFA, saying it would be a swell idea if they held their event in the USA next time. [Morning Call]