Eagles Want More Info About Shooting at Michael Vick’s Party

"Michael Vick's All White 30th Birthday Bash" goes awry. Plus: Arlen gets ready for Elena Kagan, Rendell gets hammered, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Jon Runyan: Let’s Party Like It’s 1994. The former Eagle is going all Contract with America in his run for Congress in Jersey, calling for term limits and a balanced federal budget. [Inquirer]

It’s Elena Kagan Day! And Arlen Specter couldn’t be more excited. The Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation hearing kicks off today, and Arlen says he wants to press her on her views: “We can’t put her in thumbscrews, but we can press.” (Yes, he really said that.) [Inquirer]

Eagles Still Investigating Shooting at Vick’s Party. The NFL and the Eagles are still getting info about a shooting at an event billed as “Michael Vick’s All White 30th Birthday Bash” (guests were asked to dress in white). Police say Vick is of no interest to them, but the Birds are apparently plenty interested. [USA Today]

G Cobb: This Could Be It for Vick. Former Eagle G Cobb says the party incident could bring closer to the end of his career, if it isn’t over already. [GCobb.com]

Body of 40-Year-Old Triathlete Recovered. Authorities found the body of a participant in yesterday’s Philadelphia Triathlon last evening in the Schuylkill. He entered the river at the start of the race for the .9 mile swim and never came out. [6abc]

Are More City Budget Cuts Coming? Tax revenues slumped again in May and June, and so Mayor Nutter may have no choice but to make even deeper cuts in the budget. [WHYY]

Baer Hammers Ed. DN columnist John Baer hammers the governor today, saying any attention paid to Rendell’s relationships with women not named Midge are purely due to the Edster’s own behavior. [Daily News]