Wellness: Training With a Twist

TRX is changing the way Philly slims down and tightens up

When fitness gurus from the Navy Seals developed a kick-abs workout using nylon TRX straps, little did they know their creation would hit the big time in a city known for gulping, not toning, six-packs. “People love it. Our classes are sold out. We’re booking more TRX training than personal training right now,” says Jason Kelly of Club La Maison in Wayne, who’s seen TRX do everything from increase flexibility and stamina to correct alignment issues.

Last September, the Sporting Club at the Bellevue introduced its first weekly TRX class. Now, it offers three a week, and plans to double the roster this fall. “We’re also increasing the class size,” says the Sporting Club’s Hannah Purbe. “All TRX exercises require you to stabilize your abs and core, which makes it really popular.”

And it’s not just the promise of a strong, flat stomach that has caused Philly to take note. Since the bands weigh only 1.8 pounds each, you can toss them into a suitcase, or even attach them to a tree, swing set or door. Says Kelly, “We’re incorporating them into Pilates, yoga, boot camp. I think TRX will be around for years.”

Club La Maison, 215 Sugartown Road, Wayne, 610-964-8800, club-lamaison.com; the Sporting Club at the Bellevue, 224 South Broad Street, 215-985-9876, sportingclubbellevue.com