Michael Vick Is America’s Most Disliked Athlete

He takes the prize for the second straight year. Plus: A new name for the Inquirer's owner, why Arlen might tell all, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Who Says the Eagles Never Win Anything? For the second straight year, Michael Vick has been voted the most disliked person in sports in a Forbes poll. Keep it up, Mike, we think you can pull off the three-peat next year. [Forbes]

A New Name for the Inquirer and Daily News. Well, at least for the company that owns them, which will now be called Philadelphia Media Network. New CEO Greg Osberg says it points toward an integrated, digital future. [Daily News]

Pa. Tax Amnesty Program Brings In $261 Million. The goal was only $191 million. Next up: publishing the names of everyone who still owes taxes to the state. You’ve been warned! [Inquirer]

Fourteen Debates in the Race for Governor? That’s how many Dan Onorato wants in his race against Tom Corbett. The Scoop cares about the gubernatorial election, he’s just not sure he cares 14 debates’ worth. [PoliticsPA]

Will Arlen Tell All? When he was asked last week if he might dish about his loss to Joe Sestak in a book, Specter reportedly smiled mischievously and said, “I might.” The Scoop wonders if it was the same mischievous smile he gave when he said switching parties would help him get “re-elECted.” [The Hill]

Nutter Sees Signs of Hope in the Gulf. The mayor toured the Gulf coast yesterday and saw the devastation first-hand. The city of Philadelphia picked up the tab for the trip. Speaking of money… [Inquirer]

Nutter Considers Selling the Gas Works. He’s at least the fourth Philly mayor to investigate the idea. The city hopes to hire an advisor to consult on whether it’s a good idea and get a report by the end of the summer. [WHYY]

A New Wine Bar Comes to University City. Biba is brought to you by the owner of Tria. Look for it in Dranoff’s Left Bank this summer. [Business Journal]