Who Is the Boy with the Beer?

Video shows tot seemingly swilling beer at Phillies game. Plus: Bill Marrazzo still makes 500 grand, Philly restaurants are going under, and more of what's news this morning

A Puker, Tasers…and Now a Beer-Swilling Kid? The Internet is buzzing with this video of a little kid at a Phillies game who appears to be throwing back a cold one. No word yet on who the kid is, or if this was some weird celebration of Philly Beer Week. [Huffington Post]

Marrazzo Paycheck Still Tops $500,000. WHYY’s CEO still took home more than half-a-million bucks in the most recent fiscal year, despite the station seeing its revenue drop more than $5 million and running a deficit of $3.9 million. The station notes Marrazzo did voluntarily give up $200,000 in raises and bonuses, which the Scoop thinks was mighty big of him. [Inquirer]

Philly Restaurants Going Under At a Faster Clip. Blame the recession, fewer deep pockets, and less patience. Meanwhile, of course, Starr and Garces keep opening places. [Business Journal]

Rendell Won’t Make Taxpayers Foot the Bill for His “Legacy” Project. Ed said he didn’t know about the “inappropriate” contract some “overly enthusiastic” staffers gave PR dude Kevin Feeley to compile info about the guv’s accomplishments. Feeley will now be paid from Rendell’s campaign war chest. [Post Gazette]

Get Ready for a Brand-New Ben Franklin Parkway. The mayor, the governor and others yesterday had a groundbreaking for Parkway improvements, including narrowing the outer lanes, sprucing up the Rodin Museum, and in general getting things ready for the opening of the Barnes. The overall vision: more tree-lined boulevard than take-your-life-in-your-hands superhighway. [NBCPhiladelphia]

Series Move to Philly Will Cost Halladay Big. Major League Baseball moving the Phillies-Toronto Blue Jays series later this month to Philly will cost Roy Halladay $75,000 in taxes. It’s an excess foreign tax credit thing for Halladay, who used to pitch for the Blue Jays. The Scoop hates when this happens. [WSJ.com]

Oil Spill? What Oil Spill? Senate candidate Pat Toomey says Obama acted too quickly in imposing a moratorium on U.S. off-shore drilling since it makes us more dependent on foreign oil. Joe Sestak says Toomey’s freakin’ crazy. [Philly.com]

Poll: Corbett Has Commanding Lead on Onorato. Pat Toomey isn’t the only Republican who’s doing well in the newest polls; according to the latest Rasmussen poll, Tom Corbett has a 16-point edge on Dan Onorato in the governor’s race. [WHYY]