Taste: Spirits: Drink Here Now: Ultimo/Brew

What: A gourmet coffee shop and craft beer store, all under one roof.

The concept: The coffee and beer scenes share similarities: a renewed focus on the craft of brewing, a desire for artisanal products, and a burgeoning popularity. Uniting the two, says co–owner -Aaron Ultimo, was “a perfect match.”

The coffee: A wide array of seasonal brews grown mostly in Central and South America and Africa.

The beer: Some 500 craft-brewed bottles that can be bought as mixed six-packs.

The space: Rustic industrial.

The genius: The disease and the cure, both in one convenient place. Buy your beer, then come back to alleviate your hangover.

Ultimo/Brew, 1900 South 15th Street, 215-339-5177.