Starr Is Coming to 18th & Sansom

He confirms plans for a new gastropub. Plus: The FOP goes scaremongering, Bob Brady changes clothes, the Eagles are a 1-point favorite, and more headlines

Starr Confirms Plans for Next Restaurant. Michael Klein reports that it will be a gastropub at 18th and Sansom. []

Is Tom Corbett Playing Politics with Twitter? The AG and gubernatorial nominee has subpoened Twitter over a Twitterer critical of his Bonusgate investigation. Corbett says it’s someone he convicted and wants to use the tweets to show lack of remorse; critics say it’s Big Brother. [Inquirer]

No Soda Tax? Fine. Then I’m Cutting City Services. That’s the mayor’s attitude after Council declines to even vote on his soda tax idea. On the block: police and fire cuts and reduced library service. [6abc]

Scaremongering, Hyperbolic Statement of the Day Award. To John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia, who says of possibly reducing the force from 6,600 to 6,400: “You’re down 200 in the City of Philadelphia; you might as well lock your windows and lock your doors and not take a vacation in Philadelphia.” [Inquirer]

Bob Brady Went Through Three Changes of Clothes By 3 p.m. on Election Day. The Scoop missed this piece earlier this week, but better late than never. It details Bob Brady’s miserable election day trying to get out the vote for Specter. Sometimes it’s no fun being a political boss. []

The Dow May Be Plummeting, but the Philly Fed Says Things Are Looking Up. Manufacturing in the Philadelphia area continues to expand, brightening the jobs picture, according to the Fed’s April survey. [Business Journal]

Eagles Are a 1-Point Favorite in Their 2010 Season Opener. Yes, that’s the one that will be happening in four months. The gambling derelicts have already set a line, though, and have this to say: “Philly breaks in new QB Kevin Kolb, but not much will change schematically as the Eagles will put the ball in the air as much as any team in the league again this season under head coach Andy Reid.” []

It’s Brian Tierney’s Last Day at the Inquirer. He bought the staff drinks at a neighborhood bar yesterday. [KYW1060]