Donovan McNabb’s House Hits the Market

Plus: Brian Roberts defends cable, three ways Arlen can still win, and more of what Philly is yammering about this morning

Brian Roberts: “Cable Gets a Bum Rap.” Also says they plan investments in NBC, so it doesn’t suck nearly as much as it does now.
[LA Times, WSJ]

Meanwhile, Comcast Says It Will Quadruple On-Demand Choices. Philly and DC soon to have 11,000 options to choose from. [NY Times]

Wanna Buy Donovan McNabb’s House? Four bedrooms in Moorestown for $2.5 million. Empty trophy case not included. (View the listing and photos here.) []

Pa. Treasurer Rob McCord Sues State Gaming Board. Says he’s not being allowed to participate in sessions. []

South Philly High Principal Gets…a Community Service Award? Despite her bungling of the attacks on Asian students over the last year. Says a critic: “People should be calling for her resignation, not giving her an award.” [Daily News]

Daily News/Franklin & Marshall Poll Has Specter-Sestak Neck and Neck. Arlen down by 2 points. Meanwhile, the same poll says most people could care less about the governor’s race, with half of registered voters having not made up their minds yet. (Uh, election’s Tuesday, folks.) [Daily News]

Three Ways Arlen Can Still Win. Will Bunch lays out the strategy, including a strong showing by Anthony Williams in the governor’s race. [Daily News]

Brad Lidge’s Arm Hurts Again. Won’t pitch for a few days. The Scoop thinks he’s seen this movie before. [Inquirer]

Look for More Lyme Disease. Officials say they’ll be an uptick in Pennsylvania. (Get it, uptick? These are the jokes, folks.) [WHYY]