Monica Malpass Has Twins

And she does it during Action News. Sort of. Plus: Nutter goes to DC, Cole Hamels looks shaky, and more of what Philly is yammering about this morning

No Flu for You! How the Swine Flu pandemic, ironically, seems to have saved lives in Philly and elsewhere. [Inquirer]

SEPTA Starts Budget Hearings This Week. Torqued off about the 6 percent fare increase? Here’s your chance to vent. [Business Journal]

Jon & Kate Custody Hearing Set. How about if neither of them get custody, huh? (Read the Jon & Kate back story in this March ’09 Philly Mag piece.) [6abc]

Monica Malpass Has Twins! They arrived just a week after her baby shower, and even earlier than when she predicted to the Post’s Hughe Dillon. Best part: she actually did it during Action News. [6abc]

Nutter Goes to Congress. He’ll lobby today to preserve $180 million in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, noting programs with the Art Museum, Kimmel and others. []

Phils Win Home Opener 7-4, Hamels Is…. Shaky? Uninspiring? Good enough? Very hard to say. [Daily News]

The Daily News Wins A Pulitzer. For its investigation into corrupt narcotics cops. If the Scoop wore a hat, he’d be tipping it. [Daily News]