7 Reasons Steve Wynn Really Left Philly

When they say "It's not you, it's me," you know it's you

Business deals go bad all the time, but when Steve Wynn peaced out of the Foxwoods casino venture last week, Mayor Nutter and Foxwoods investors’ lawyer Steve Cozen claimed to be as shocked and stunned as a bride left at the altar. Then on top of it all, Wynn gave Philly the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse. But we all know that’s just something guys say. After a weekend curled on the couch with a pint of Turkey Hill and a Nora Ephron movie marathon — and no legitimate reporting whatsoever — we think we’ve come up with a few ideas on why the Vegas magnate bolted from Philly.

1. He tried to take a cab and ended up getting reamed out by the driver for 15 minutes when he tried to pay with a credit card.

2. He heard the flash mob pillow-fighters were using less than 500-thread-count sheets. [SIGNUP]

3. He’s decided to invest in the King of Jeans instead.

4. His coiffing just isn’t compatible with Ed Snider’s and Ron Rubin’s hairlines.

5. He tried to buy a bottle of wine at the SuperFresh on Delaware Avenue and discovered all he could get was sparkling grape juice.

6. He’s a huge Donovan McNabb fan.

7. He predicted that the city’s new parking kiosks would steal more change than Foxwoods slots ever could.

JANINE WHITE is Philly Mag’s managing editor.