ON THE HOMEFRONT: Artesano Iron Works Opens in Wayne

Home editor Lauren McCutcheon is headed to this design gallery’s new suburban outpost

There’s something about a wrought iron gate. You know, the ornately curlicued kind that swings open as if guided by woodland sprites, or, perhaps, the ghosts of the castle the gate protects? It’s the kind of the same vibe as a shiny lion-head door knocker, or a staircase whose bronze banister shines brighter than the queen’s crown.

Hefty, hand-forged objects built to outlast generations seem part mythical, part royal — and, until recently, mostly out of my price range. But, now that Artesano Iron Works, the South American-by-way-of-our-very-own-suburbs iron, bronze and more design center opened up a home décor store in wild Wayne (they’ve got two gallery locations in Lansdale and Manayunk), I can browse outdoor garden sets and reclaimed wooden planters and one-of-a-kind iron beds galore. So, even if I’ll never have a widow’s walk fenced in by rails that resemble birch branches, at least I can get a whiff of the magic.
Artesano Iron Works Home Décor, 354 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, 610-688-0888.