Pulse: Chatter: Made in Philly: Blanket Statement

A local company pushes the Snuggie to a whole new level

“We’ve personalized 70,000 Snuggies so far,” says Lou Leof, president of PTM Sport. His Drexel Hill company has embroidered and silk-screened logos onto t-shirts, Frisbees, flash drives — you name it — for everyone from Stephen Starr to the PMA. But the company’s latest contract taps into some serious cultural zeitgeist. In the past eight months, Leof and crew have silk-screened Snuggies for the band Weezer (“They wore them on Letterman,” Leof says proudly), Yahoo!, ESPN, a handful of schools in blustery regions, and Comcast, which sells Comcast Snuggies on its employee website. (No orders yet for any Xfinity versions.) And while the wearable blankets seem destined to go the way of pet rocks, for now, PTM is happily wrapped up in Snuggie mania. To wit: Last month, Cleveland Cavaliers fans set a record for the most people in fleece in one place, landing Leof his biggest job jet: putting the 33 on Shaq’s XL Snuggie.