McNabb Trade Roundup

Is he going or not? Plus, why Pennsylvanians are miserable, the latest on the flash mobs, and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

McNabb-Mania! So many stories, so little time:
* St. Louis Post Dispatch: Rams scoff at trade rumors
* YahooSports: Three teams after McNabb
* Rich Hoffman: Donovan holds all the cards
* Stephen A. Smith. Eagles treating him badly
* Missanelli: Why it’s time for him to go

Are Flash Mobs Just a Philly Thing? Who says we aren’t cutting edge? [Daily News]

Poll: Pennsylvanians Are Broke, Pessimistic, Unhappy with Rendell’s Tax Plan, and Generally Liking Pat Toomey. Details here! [Central Penn Business Journal]

Acme Gets a New President. Two weeks after Judy Spires’ resignation, the chain turns to a Texan who’s written two books on leadership. Can he learn to say Ac-uh-me? [Philadelphia Business Journal]

California Congressman: We Need A Special Prosecutor in the Sestak Case. Did the Obama team offer him a job to get him out of the race? Republican Darrell Issa wants answers. [Inquirer]