Jon Runyan Runs For Congress

Plus: Pushing for baby casinos in Atlantic City, Chris Matthews' kid is getting married, and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

South Street Calms Down. But only after a weekend of flash mobs. No wonder you don’t go there anymore.

Health Reform Passes — Even as John Adler Votes No. The SJ Congressman says it doesn’t do enough to make healthcare affordable. Then again, could he be worried about…. [phillyburbs]

Runyan for Congress. The former Eagle officially enters the race in Jersey — against John Adler. What’s next: Joselio Hanson for City Council? (The Scoop kids.) Plus, check out Runyan’s less-than-perfect voting record here. [Inquirer]

Can Small Casinos Save Atlantic City? The large ones, apparently, aren’t working so well. So now the town is pushing for legislation that would allow for four boutique casinos. []

Chris Matthews’ Kid Is Getting Hitched. Good god, can you imagine having him as your father-in-law? [The Insider]

What Is It With Lower Merion and Poop? On the heels of the Post’s garbage-man-poop controversy, the township reaffirms its pooper scooper law. [Main Line Times]