Taste: Dinner With: David Katz

What you’re cooking for the James Beard dinner on the 23rd: Food that represents Mémé. A lot of chefs from a casual setting will go and bust out the foams and gelées. That’s stupid.

Best burger around: Charlie’s in Folsom. I would eat a Charlie’s burger over any of these fucking eight- or 10-ounce brioche-bunned burgers.

Most annoying restaurant trend: Burgers.

What you drink after a long night in the kitchen: Miller High Life from the neck, baby. Every night.

Last three places you ate: Amis, Vietnam, and Shiao Lan Kung, the best spot in Chinatown.

Food you refuse to eat: Fiddlehead ferns. They look cool, taste like nothing.

Ingredient you want to use at Mémé but haven’t: Lamb brain.

Most unusual kitchen utensil: My hacksaw. I have to decapitate my goats or they don’t fit on the grill.

Whether you’re a hotheaded, arrogant chef: No, but I’m serious and passionate as a motherfucker.