SWEAT TEST: Pole Dancing Class at Platinum Dance Studio

Do it or ditch it? We try out area classes so you don’t have to waste time — or money — on classes that don’t make the grade

What We Want:  A toned, sculpted body and a reminder that yes, we can feel sexy

What We Tried: January 11th 1:00 p.m. Pole Basics at Platinum Dance Studio;
4529 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Who Was Teaching: Regina Cook and Natasha Newman “Tootie”

Student/Teacher Ratio When We Dropped By: 8:1

Showers/Lockers?: No, just one small changing room with sink.

What We Loved:  That we got a workout that didn’t feel like a workout, and that the routine hit our hard-to-reach upper arms and thighs. The routine was broken into several movements that tied together in one final, semi (we’re beginners here) sexy routine, so it was easy to follow. It’s tough in the beginning—you use your own body weight as resistance—but the end product looks so cool you can’t help but feel motivated.
Did We Sweat?:
  Yes!  Remember the rope in gym class?  Well, now you’re all grown up and traded it in for a pole.  If you aren’t used to benching the weight of a human being then you’ll be taking a crash course in finding out how much upper body strength you really have.

Do It or Ditch It?:  Leave your inhibitions at the door and do it.  The variations on routines/ workouts will keep you interested and motivated, and it’s so much fun you forget you’re working out (until the next day, when your arms are killing you).  Platinum Dance Studios offers tons of different classes and camps.  If you want bada-bing abs or rear check out the Abs or Ass Camp. (They are as direct as they are fun). They run plenty of classes in the early morning and throughout the evening to work around your schedule.

Besides, when was the last time your boyfriend or hubby wanted to watch you on the treadmill

Details: Day classes $25, evening classes $15. Private lessons, $60 per hour.