Exit Interview: Allison Baver

The Reading speed skater goes for gold in the Vancouver Olympics

That’s amazing. Also amazing — you’re a model, despite getting your face slashed. You did a pretty racy spread for Muscle & Fitness magazine. Do you always train in your underwear? [laughs] I did like the bra and underwear. It was cute. It’s not mine, though. I don’t usually skate around in that. Maybe if I was in roller derby.

What was your reaction to Stephen Colbert sponsoring the U.S. speed skating team? I have my MBA in marketing, so I thought it was a really smart thing. When I hear him talking about the Colbert Nation backing up the skaters, I’m so pumped. There’s a Colbert patch on my suit now.

Can we get a Philly Mag patch on there? Or an “I Heart Exit Interview” sticker? Well, I’ll be racing for the next four years, so if you want the Philly Mag logo on my skinsuit, you’ll see it, like, 10 times a year on TV.

I don’t know if we have enough scratch for that. It’s not that bad, actually. I’m not Kobe Bryant. I gotta represent. That would be hot.

Any Olympic predictions? I have a really good chance of winning a medal in every event. I hold the American record in the 1,500-meter. It would have been a world record, but a girl from China beat me. I’ll be racing her at the Olympics.

Thinking of pulling a Tonya Harding and taking her out early? [laughs] No way!

We can make that happen, Allison. No. I want to race her fair and square. I want everything she’s got.