THE GREEN SCENE: Starting Small

Home Editor Lauren McCutcheon is practicing for her ambitious spring gardening on poor, defenseless houseplants

This week’s warm(ish) weather has me dreaming of spring, when I plan (I swear) to plant, at long last, my extra-mini city backyard. And although I’d like to dash to City Planter this very minute to stock up on slate gray boxes and soil, I have decided to resist my innate urge to grow tomatoes that will freeze when mother nature inevitably dumps another few feet of snow upon us, and, instead, first learn how to keep my indoor plants alive and healthy by heading to Terrain this Saturday for their $15 — $15! — class called "House Plants 101." The fee covers potting materials and beginner instruction. Terrain’s sublime plants and petty vessels cost extra, but will be worth it.

Register online to guarantee your space: 2 p.m. Saturday, January 23. 914 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, 610-459-2400,