Taste: Spirits: Drink Here Now: Square 1682

What:The new Hotel Palomar’s bar, lounge and restaurant.
Date opened: October 14th.
The mood:Sleek and swanky.
Beers: 16 by the bottle. Wines: 85 bottles; 15 by the glass.
Food:Large and small plates filled with light morsels like octopus with artichokes, created by chef Guillermo Tellez.
Liquid menu: Mostly pre-Prohibition cocktails, like a gin martini made with orange bitters.
Most intriguing cocktail: The “Bell Pepper Smash,” a blend of citrus vodka, ginger liqueur, mashed raspberries, bell pepper and lime juice. What they promise: The perfect drink every time, thanks to precise measuring.
Why you can drink a lot: High quality + fresh = less hangover.
Why you can drink even more: Cocktails start at $8.
121 South 17th Street, 215-563-5008, square1682.com.