SLIDESHOW: Scenes from the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon

A runner’s-eye view of the Philadelphia Marathon

Let’s put it this way: Nobody said it was going to be pretty.

Running 26 miles rarely is, and a week after the Philadelphia Marathon I’m living proof: my right leg still doesn’t seem to work quite properly; my thighs are still chafed; and I’ve bored everyone I know to tears with my horrifying tale of having spilled Gatorade on myself (oh, the humanity!) at mile 22.

And then there are these photos. Equipped with my 7-year-old daughter’s pocketsize Disney Tinker Bell camera (we here at Healthy Life spare no expense in covering our city), I set out to chronicle the thrills, chills, agony and ugliness of my own marathon experience. Did I succeed? Let me just say that I don’t think shooting the cover of Sports Illustrated is in my future. But if it’s agony and ugliness you’re looking for — or at least people giving free beer to runners in Manayunk — click away.