Taste: Dining Out: Dinner With … Daniel Stern

Chef/owner, MidAtlantic in West Philly and the forthcoming R2L at Two Liberty

How difficult it is to go from Gayle’s 24 seats to a combined 365:
I do miss that room. It was sort of a Philadelphia place. It was special.

Whether the famous veal stew will turn up at R2L: I’m toying with the idea. A lot of people miss that dish.

Guilty food pleasure: I have a hard time with nachos, french fries and pizza.

Reasoning behind strange inclusion of vegetarian scrapple at MidAtlantic:
The university kids will love it.

Fond childhood food memories: My mom and grandma in the kitchen for days around Rosh Hashana and Passover. And dinners at Chez Robert. I was a busboy there.

What recipe adjustments are required for the 37th-floor altitude:
None, and we’re very fortunate to have gas, since most high-rise restaurants get stuck with electric.

How often you expect to lunch in Liberty’s food court:
I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it down.

Odds of R2L opening this month: I’m just gonna say we’ll be open.

Whether you’re buying dinner if you’re wrong:
Absolutely. Wait, you mean just for you, right?