Pulse: Character: Malcolm L. Cain Jr.

Age: 17.
Why he matters:
Children are the future, but Cain is also the now. The Mount Airy wunderkind and Haverford School senior has already worked in politics, including Ed Rendell’s gubernatorial reelection drive and, now, Tom Knox’s campaign for the slot. Both men are personal references on Cain’s résumé. Where you can hear him: The Internet radio broadcast Passing the Torch at Gtownradio.com. Why we’re listening: He’s already landed heavyweight guests like legendary White House press correspondent Helen Thomas, columnist Armstrong Williams and Bob Brady. What success may look like: “I’d like to do something with my life to insure that everyone in the world has abundant clean, safe drinking water.” Other pursuits: Mandarin. “I had already studied Latin for four years. I want a language I can speak to people with.” Anything he’s not good at? “Basketball. Choose me for your team, and you’ll lose.”