Philly sports anchor Leslie Gudel is earning sighs of relief from mothers across the country

Ah, the blissful sound of silence. Thanks to mommy-entrepreneur (and Philly’s first female sports anchor!) Leslie Gudel-Kemm, new parents and their babies can count on a little more shut-eye.

Frustrated with the dilemma of providing a comfortable-but-feasible sleeping position for her flat-mattress-averse newborn daughter — she couldn’t fit the car seat or swing in the crib, and sleep wedges on the market didn’t keep the baby in place — Leslie conceptualized a stable, yet baby-blanket-comfy product made from high-density polyurethane eco-foam. It’s shaped like a car seat — a position that puts lots of little ones right to sleep — and the perfect combo of portability (it weighs just three pounds) and durability (its waterproof liner protects it for long-term use) means it’s an absolute dream for parents to use.

The Nap Nanny ($129.99), as Gudel-Kemm came to call it, is safe for infants eight pounds and heavier. (It’s got a sturdy base to accommodate any baby’s weight.) And because function should never preclude fashion, the mommy-chic factor is there in the four washable, mink-like dotted covers that come in blue, sage, camel, or pink. Find it online at napnanny.com, or locally at Kids ‘N Kribs in Wayne (112 N. Wayne Avenue, Wayne, 610-687-5437).