Pulse: Pursuits: Q&A: David Brenner

This month, comedian David Brenner kicks off his “Leave ’Em Laughing” tour at the Prince. We called to find out how life has been for the 73-year-old Philly native

You haven’t toured since 2001. Why now?

It’s my 40th anniversary in the business, but also, I wanted to get people laughing during this recession/depression. I had said that I’d tour until the recession ends, but I think if I stay out that long, I’ll end before it does.

You were on more Tonight Shows with Carson than anyone else. Can Conan stand up to Carson’s legacy?

No one can. Johnny was the best.

Since much of your material comes from politics, do you secretly wish McCain and Palin had won?

As a comedian, absolutely. As a human, no. Bush was the mother lode.

Do you still follow Philly politics?

Not so much, but I hear the Mayor’s having some problems.

Should he be afraid?

Well, something might slip in by accident.