Pulse: Chatter: Sellouts: Philadelphia Freezedom

Finally, Philly has started to get the culinary recognition it deserves from foodies outside the region. But ever since QVC started hawking frozen Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks (10 for $45.24, plus shipping) a few months back, worry has been gnawing at us like heartburn: Is this frozen ambassador really the way to convey the cheesesteak’s greatness to our countrymen? Dubious, we took a look at reviews on QVC.com, where we found some customers thrilled but woefully naive (“don’t really know much about authentic cheesesteaks, but I think this has to be close to the best available”) and others who know the way to Oregon Avenue (“NOT the same sandwich I have stood in line for”). But with 86 percent of the comments favorable, Tony has clearly greased the path for his plans to put the concoction in supermarket freezers nationwide. Sheesh  —  what’s next? TV dinners by Marc Vetri?