Antoine Amrani Opens Amrani Chocolates Factory Store

Former Le Bec-Fin top pastry toque (and Paris-trained) Antoine Amrani has teamed up with a few local investors to start an eponymous chocolate line. While his sinful goodies will be sold at gourmet markets and boutiques, he’s also opening a retail location in his East Norriton factory for lucky locals at the end of April.

While there is no doubt that the chocolates themselves will be delish — the initial line consists of bonbons and palets in 12 flavors like coffee sour cherry, coconut kaffir lime, organic cinnamon honey and banana rum — the Amrani team knew that what the chocolates come in is just as important as what’s inside. Which is why they reached out to New Jersey- and California-based Smith Design to complete the vision. The result is not only a stunning green and, um, chocolate brown color palate, but boxes so beautiful you’ll want to keep them. Look for expanded chocolate and confectionary lines (fruits, nuts, cookies) as well as cakes, pastries and wedding cakes in the near future.

Amrani Chocolates Factory Store, 550 Foundry Road, East Norriton, 215-365-2283;