Taste: Dining Out: Dinner With … Aldo Lamberti

Owner of Caffe Aldo Lamberti, Positano Coast, and 10 other Italian restaurants

Pizza preference: I’m usually good for a vegetable pizza, but with fresh tomatoes, not tomato sauce.  Daily food routine: I start with the espresso and a couple of biscuits. Then a lot of Pellegrino water. And at night, the red wine. I always drink red wine.  Olive Garden vs. Italian Bistro: I’ve never eaten in either one.  Jersey diner order: At the end of the night when we close, the diners are still open. Steak and eggs with french fries. Or an omelet.  Food sneaked when wife isn’t looking: I’m a sucker for the fried calamari. And, of course, roaming through the kitchen, I’m always grabbing cheese or olives. And there’s the guy slicing the prosciutto, so I grab a slice. Quality control, I say.  Favorite non-Italian meal: Buddakan. Morimoto for very special occasions.  Exercise routine: I played soccer until a couple of years ago. I swim. I scuba-dive, work out here and there. I know that I eat more than I should.  Time it takes him to make pasta sauce: Three or four minutes. On the home kitchen: My wife, Carmela, is a really great cook. There’s no need for me to get involved.