Alycia Lane Responds

Philadelphia magazine asked Alycia Lane to respond to factual assertions made by Dawn Stensland in the article "Dawn's Dark Days" about the relationship between Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane. Instead, her attorney, Paul Rosen, released the following statement:

“Larry Mendte is a lovesick, obsessed stalker who pleaded guilty to felony charges for breaking into Alycia Lane’s e-mail 537 times after she left the station. As early as 2003, Mendte made unwanted and inappropriate overtures to Alycia that were rejected, yet he continued to offer gifts even though she had no interest in him, his gifts or his company. Apparently, if Mendte could not have her, no one could, so he embarked on a criminal invasion of her e-mails thousands of times as part of his pathological campaign to destroy her life. Mendte wanted her out of Philadelphia, the city she loved, [and was] on a mission to ruin her. Mendte’s obsession and demented conduct began on the day he met Alycia and only ended on the day the FBI came to his home and Dawn found out about his dark, lecherous side and secret criminal life.
“After Dawn tearfully begged for Alycia’s forgiveness in court to prevent her husband from going to jail, it is particularly sad, confusing and disappointing to now see Dawn’s need to exploit herself for Mendte, and her attempt to punish Alycia again by repeating his delusional and fictitious ‘explanations’ for destroying her career. Instead of going public with the pain Mendte inflicted on her, Dawn should recognize that he can never be trusted and is not worthy of her, and that she might want to consider consulting a divorce lawyer.  
“All Alycia asks for is the privacy Mendte stole from her. It is unfortunate that the press-starved Mendte family cannot move on from this and leave others out of their need for continued publicity.”