Web Original: Top 5: Shops Where You Can Multitask

Every holiday season, I set out with the intent to find the perfect gift for everyone on my list. No ubiquitous buys from big-mall shops under my tree. Instead, I vow to give everyone eclectic, how-did-you-find-this? treasures from, oh, glamorous jaunts to France where I troll fabulous Parisian flea markets for undiscovered treasures. But, in the harried weeks between noshing on turkey and unwrapping gifts — and, well, because I don’t exactly do glamorous jaunts to France — I inevitably find myself at, well, cough, a mall … scooping up whatever’s left.

So, to help fellow procrastinators, and people who don’t have time to canvas the city looking for the perfect present, I’ve rounded up the best local shops that offer cool — and sometimes surprising — combos (furniture and jewelry?). Because, no, you may not be able to jet to Paris before Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to check off your entire list at Sears. (Psst: For more great gift ideas, check out Philly Mag‘s Holiday Gift Guide, which rounds up the wish lists of local shop owners.)

Check out the Top 5 slideshow here.