Pulse: Chatter: Well Suited

On that historic Friday in October, as floats sailed through the city to celebrate Philly’s looong-awaited World Series win, all eyes were on a grinning Charlie Manuel, clad in a stately navy suit with stripes of gleaming white. This was The Moment for the once-mocked manager, and it showed: He looked good. His fairy godmother? Local haberdasher Daniel Morroni, who’s been making Manuel’s coats and slacks since Manuel replaced another Morroni man, Larry Bowa, in 2004. “I knew this was coming, and I wanted to make something special,” says Morroni. “I wanted him to look like the king of Philadelphia.” The stripes, Morroni says, needed to be bold; the color, something that would pop; the monogram, something inspirational. “I gave it to him as a gift the week before the season ended,” he says. “Inside, I put the words ‘Never Quit.’ I wanted to monogram ‘World Series Champions,’ but I didn’t want to jinx ‘em.” Next year’s suit, Dan, next year’s.