Web Original: Local Spotlight: Zahra Saeed

Behind all great clothes, lies a great story about the designer. Moorestown-based Zahra Saeed just might top them all: Born in Pakistan and wed in an arranged marriage at 18, she soon found herself with two children at the age of 21, and living in the Philly area after her husband transferred jobs. She went against cultural norms, getting a divorce and struggling to create her own life.

Her clothes pretty much reflect all she has gone through: They are sexy and bold; dramatic and feminine. All have high-quality fabrics saturated in color from Italy, Austria and France. Her Spring 2009 line focuses on carefully-tailored tops, jackets, dresses and skirts, with a penchant for upturned, eye-catching collars and tulle-lined hems. And, for such unique designs, all are moderately priced. This flirty Monet skirt is $270, the London jacket is $245.

Find her stuff online at zahrasaeed.com and we’ll update you on when her lines hit Philly stores soon.