Local Spotlight: Print Liberation

Since 1999, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone have been turning out bold, catchy phrases — printed on just about anything — out of a tiny, ink-stained studio on 11th and Vine. Print Liberation, their visual design agency, specializes in non-traditional logos, posters and print ad campaigns — but we can’t get enough of their side-project: Tees.

One of Print Liberation’s top sellers is a t-shirt reading “Don’t Give Up” and Paparone describes it as a “goofy parody on self-help/motivational propaganda” that eventually led to an entire line of positive message shirts. And I’m sure its not surprising to find out that they’ve been inspired by the presidential election. (Nor is it surprising that their new election line shows some serious support for Obama, with some playful irreverence for the Republican ticket thrown in.)

These politically-charged designs led to a contract with MoveOn.org, and now you can’t go more than a few blocks without seeing one of their bumper stickers or buttons. When the markets turned south, the “F the Economy” tee was conceived and delivered, and Paparone promises many more births like it in the near future. You can find their shirts online for $15-22 at printliberation.com, or (occasionally) at Vagabond Boutique. Oh, and look for their work at Urban, Free People and for Philly Car Share.