Gardening: Looking Glass

How to grow a Lilliputian landscape

This season, we’ve fallen for the tiny, perfect terrariums of Sharon Kaszan, foliage grower at Meadowbrook Farm. Easier to maintain than houseplants, terrariums require only a small amount of potting soil, horticultural charcoal and bark mulch or stones. Kaszan suggests DIYers start with four young plants in a 10-inch, clear glass bubble bowl (available at Meadowbrook and in the vase section of craft stores).
Juxtapose a lacy leaf with a round leaf, a crawler with an upright. Moisture-craving plants like ferns, African violets and miniature leafy specimens, including fittonia and sinnigia, love a terrarium because the glass traps humidity. Diminutive woodland creatures and Christmas ornaments to function as gazing balls are optional.