Web Original: Berry Nice

A look at fall’s-berry-trend nail polishes

You know what this weekend means. Sure — for you, it could mean the beach; yum BBQs; shopping fantastic sales; and most importantly, an extra day tacked onto the weekend. But you know, deep down, what else it symbolizes: Fall’s coming. Summer’s over.

While the beaches of Avalon are my Number One Happy Place, fall is actually my favorite season. And it’s with that sentiment that I’ve begun turning my eyes to fall fashion — including beauty. And I think what I’m most exited about on that front is the super pretty, super dark, super reflective-of-fall’s-berry-trend nail polishes.

There’s Essie’s Big Spender and Lacy Not Racy. There’s OPI’s Eiffel For This Color and Louvre Me Lovere Me Not, shown. They range from raspberry to blackberry, from wine to grape juice, and from matte to shimmery, and, well, I want them all. These colors are so good it’s literally like using your very own nails as a free accessory.

And that’s better than any sale.