Web Original: Monday Shopping Report: August 18, 2008

A round-up of new stores in the Philadelphia area for the week of August 18, 2008.

Glen Mills got a new shoe store last week called Vivi G. Shoes. It’s got some tried-and-true brands, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Rafe and Emilio Pucci. Bags, too. We’ll check it out and report back.

A Westin Hotel has opened in Mount Laurel, you can see it if you are headed to the Turnpike or 295 from Philly. It’s got a pool and a gym, and the rooms look sleek.

Big Green Earth Store has opened in Old City carrying lifestyle stuff (like recycled wall tiles and eco-friendly toothbrushes and razors … interesting). It’s got another very nearby eco-neighbor, Greenable, which has been open less than a year and carries stuff more along the lines of home-improvement products like paints and building materials.

LUSH launched a new product last week, a play on their popular bath bombs. Emotibombs are designed to do the same thing, but sit on the floor of your shower, slowly dissolving and releasing sweet smelling stuff, as you attempt to wash away whatever it is you did last night. No, seriously, the names of two of the four products are Too Drunk To (peppermint, marigold, fennel, orange) and Sex In The Shower (jasmine, juniperberry, ginger).

In more Old City news, a pretty salon called Bang has opened up. Owners are Carlos and Adrienne Rogers who came from Cutler Salon in NYC. They’ll still be traveling back to their clients there and will be crafting do’s for Fashion Week next month. Looks like Philly prices though (cuts start at $70). Whew! Actually, it’s just around the corner from Lakshmi Hair Studio, which opened a few months ago and is run by Danielle Carr and Robin Warriner — who have quite a following around town. They use good-for-the-earth lines like MOP.