Domain: Design: Color Theory

Brighten your space with bold, splashy hues

EGGSHELL. TAUPE. CREAM. Off-white. (Yawn.) Sure, we all love the familiar neutrals, but they can’t help but start to feel a tad … safe. Sedate, even. Luckily, we are in the midst of a color revolution. It’s happening everywhere — fashionistas are ditching the trusty LBD for brilliantly hued frocks, neon nail polish is back (for better or worse), and colors previously found only in Crayola boxes are taking center stage in stylish rooms. Thankfully, this is not an all-or-nothing trend: You can go big and bold, or get your fix in smaller doses (vibrant accent pillows and a super-bright vase or two). Think of your home as your own personal coloring book. Take chances. Don’t be intimidated. And feel free to draw outside the lines.