Pulse: Chatter: Survey Says … What?

A look at how Philly's airport got to first place status.

When, a few months back, J.D. Power and Associates named Philadelphia International Airport number one among the country’s big hubs when it came to customer service satisfaction, we were, to say the least, surprised. (Obviously, the 21,000 people surveyed never whiled away delayed-flight hours in the snack-scarce, sparsely seated, joyless bowels of terminals D, E or F.) A source inside J.D. Power assured us the poll was methodologically sound (meaning, we guess, that some lucky souls do make it through baggage check with little or no weeping or gnashing of teeth), but alerted us to something even more startling: Answers to the survey’s detailed questions

(i.e., how many minutes you waited for your baggage) may be sold to other airports, so they can take cues from us high-rankers. Flattering, yes, but don’t go changing on our account, Dulles. Please.